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Photlithography Solutions

The photolithography process is used for coating exposing and developing patterns to produce semiconductor circuits on Silicon GaAs or other substrates. Tool selection for material dispense and removal criteria is usually based on

  • Process
    • Postitive Resist
    • Negative Resisit
    • Other
  • Throughput
    • Automatic Handling
    • Manual Loading
    • Simultaneous or single processing
    • Flexibility
      • Number of Pumps
      • Dispense Quantities
      • Syringe Options
      • Ultrasonic Dispense
      • Other

    Whatever your need we can provide you a system to suit. Just about every system is customised to your needs. From spinners and hotplates that fit into a wet bench to fully robotic track systems running multiple processes we can help.

    Manual Spinners & Hotplates

    spinners and hotplates
    Ideal for laboratory use or for putting into wet benches

Scrubbers and Cleaning

Tracks are often used for automatically cleaning wafers after other processes. Placing a wafer cassette full of wafers and running them through cleaning process gives a simple and effective solutions in the production environment to remove any debris from previous process steps.

remanufactured and refurbished SVG scrubberRemanufactured SVG Scrubber

robot and belt handling for tracksRobotic or Belt Handling
underside of tools

Support your old SVG!

Extend lifetime of tools - remanufactured and reconfigured SVG
Extend the lifetime of your legacy SVG equipment - arrange an audit visit...

In addition to being able to supply you totally remanufactured warranted systems, configured to your needs, we can provide service and support on your installed base - often at a fraction of the cost of othe companies.

svg spares and second source parts
remanufactured 150mm scrubber