CTR Compact Thermal Reactor

Thermal Solutions

CTR Compact THermal Reactor Stackable
Small Batch Processing
There are many thermal process steps in the manufacture of wafers either Silicon, SiC, iii-V or other materials.

Tool selection depends on lots of factors


  • Film Needs
  • Low Stress
  • Uniform
  • Conformal Coating
  • Flexible Recipies


  • Small Batch Handling
  • Compatible Process
  • Manual / Auto Loading
  • Simultaneous or single processing

Easy Installation

  • Installation Options
  • Through Wall
  • Stackable

Diffusion/LPCVD Furnaces

Process control is essential - utilising the latest PLC controller recipies are managed easiliy and effectively

CTR Uniformity over 200mm
CTR Uniformity over 200mm

Benefits of: the smaller footprint, batch furnace solution.

  • Lower Overhead, Installation and Running Costs
  • Scaleable Production & Process Performance
  • Fully automated, recipe driven
  • Small space saving footprint
  • Ideal solution for pilot lines, R&D labs
robot and belt handling for tracks
Through-the-Wall Installation

The CTR provides an exceptionally small footprint system and is stackable. Providing both atmospheric pressure and LPCVD processes, the CTR is an ideal solution for pilot lines, R&D labs, and government and university laboratories.

Typical Installations

Small Footprint Installations


  • Model CTR-125 – processes substrates up to 125mm diameter.
  • Model CTR-150 – processes substrates up to 150mm diameter.
  • Model CTR-200 – extends the processing range to 200mm diameter substrates. (Processes 125mm and 156mm square substrates, too).
  • Model CTR-300 – processes substrates up to 300mm diameter substrates (in development, expected late 2024).
CTR Compact Thermal Reactor Stackable
CTR-Small Batch Processing