Bank Fees - An explanation...

We believe in fair business practice

All of our invoice require payment
without deduction of senders fees.

Put simply, if we invoice for $100 we would expect to receive $100 not $75 into our account.

RECENTLY there has been a shift where customers passing on their own bank charges (Senders Fees) to the supplier.

Often in large organisation, purchasers are not aware of this happens as part of the customer accounting and finance function. Typically this charge is around $20-$25 for a US$ to US$ transaction.

Our company is more than 20 years old and we have been in international business for much longer. We have seen a rise in this practice even with customers we have been trading with for many years. We believe it is fair for both parties to pay their own fees.

Why is there a line item on the quote?

We only include this fee if you are

a) A New Customer and we do not have a trading history


b) We have experienced deductions from your company in the past.

Some customers prefer we itemise it on the quote, others simply pay the addition on their invoices

By bringing this to your attention we feel this is professional and keeps pricing undercontrol.

Feel free to contact us so we can understand what works best for you....

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