Brexit Statement

Good News - We are operating normally

As many of our products are "drop-shipped" from outside the EU, we do not see any disruption to our suppliers and customers.

So far so good - we have been shipping products without disruption or delays - to and from the UK.

For EU-EU, EU-NonEU and NonEU-EU transactions, we pride ourselves on getting the paperwork correct, and want to give a big thank you to our customers for their support in supplying their EORI numbers and to our global supply base for providing the right documentation to accompany the shipments.

We have also found UK HM Customs and Excise particulalrly helpful in understanding the new VAT treatment of non-standard situations.

We continue to work with our customers and suppliers to ensure all HS-Codes and EECN numbers are in place to minimise any potential border requirements or issues.

EU EORI Number: (Economic Operator Registration and Identification). We have been operating for more than 20 years across Europe and as such have all the relevant documents in place. Our current EORI status is valid with our European customers.

We have been in contact with the specialist EORI team and comply with the new rules.

Details Can be found here

Should you require our EORI details they can be provided if required.