Mass Flow Controllers: New-Refurbished-Converted-Calibrated

Mass Flow Controllers

Used in any application that requires control of gas flow into a process chamber. There are many makers of MFC's and there are lots of reasons they need regular service, recalibration or conversion.

We work with one of the largest repair and calibration companies offering repair, replacement, recalibration service. All work is carried out in clean room conditions and traceable NIST standards are adhered to.

Typical MFC

A Cost Effective Alternative

Ensuring processes specifications are maintained means that every gas has to be delivered consistently and in the right ratios. Recalibrations are needed every now again and a recalibration is often much lower cost than constantly replacing MFC,

Service and calibration in clean room

A stock of new MFC's

Many new MFC's have been acquired from surplus stocks over the years - this is a great resource for legacy products as well as more current models.

A variety of specifications

Dependent on your gas chemistry or need, we can help or modify these or upgrade to your exact specification.

Whatever your need we can help

Service Levels

All repairs calibration and range changes come with warranty.

  • Expedited service including 3 day RUSH and 24-Hour Service for emergencies is available for an additional fee. Call us for details.
  • General Service 10 to 15 working day turn-around
  • Calibration data accredited to ISO 17025 is available
  • Sales and Service of N.I.S.T Traceable and ISO 17025 Accredited Transfer Standards
  • Technical Information on the use, operation, and troubleshooting of mass flow controllers
  • Sales and Service of refurbished mass flow controllers including recently discontinued Legacy products by Unit Instruments/Celerity, Tylan/Millipore/Mykrolis, and Brooks Instrument
  • Sales and service of Power Supplies, read out boxes and power/data cables
  • Sales of electrical adapters, gender changers, and break out boards for most models
  • Purchase of used mass flow controllers & associated equipment from customers and associates.
  • Certificate of Calibration with service report information.
Note: All timings exclude shipping and transit times weekends and public holidays